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Research experience

  • Jan 2010 – present
    Isfahan University of Technology · Animal Science · Animal Breeding and Genetics
    Iran · Isfahan
  • Jan 2008– Dec 2009
    Agricultural Biotechnology Research Institute of Iran · Animal Biotechnology
    Iran · Karaj
  • Jan 2003 – Dec 2007
    Research: Aarhus Universitet
    Aarhus Universitet · Department of Genetics and Biotechnology
    Aarhus, Denmark ·


B.Sc. 1989-1993. Isfahan University of Technology, Isfahan, Iran.

Field: Agricultural Engineering (Animal Science)

M.Sc. 1993- 1996. Isfahan University of Technology, Isfahan, Iran.

Field: Animal Science (Animal Breeding and Genetics)

Ph.D. 2003- 2007. University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Field: Animal Breeding and Genetics, (QTL fine mapping experiments)

Theses Title:

M.Sc. Genetics of egg production in Iranian native population and their crosses with exotic breeds

Ph.D. Improved marker assisted selection in dairy cattle breeding schemes: Selective genotyping and phenotyping



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