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Analysis of bovine PPARGC1A and OPN genes polymorphism in Holstein dairy cows in Tehran and Esfahan provinces

PPARGC1A is a member of a family of transcription coactivators that plays a central role in the regulation of cellular energy metabolism. OPN is a phosphoprotein that is synthesized in a variety of tissues and cells and secreted into body fluids. In this study DNA was isolated from blood samples collected from 398 Holstein cows of Tehran and Esfahan provinces. DNA isolation was

performed using the Salting out method. RFLP- PCR method was used for genotyping of T>C at position 1892 and A>C at position 3359 in PPARGC1A gene, also C>T at position

8514 in OPN gene. Using of Pop Gene soft ware frequencies of TT, TC and CC genotypes at position 1892 were calculated as 12, 65 and 23%, respectively. Also, Shanon and Nei indices were for this position 0.68 and 0.49, respectively. Frequencies of AA, AC and CC genotypes at position 3359 were calculated as 38, 52 and 10%, respectively. Also, Shannon and Nei indices were 0.65 and 0.46, respectively. Frequencies of CC, CT and TT genotypes of OPN gene were calculated as 19, 57 and 24%, respectively. Also, Shannon and Nei indices were 0.69 and 0.49, respectively. Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium (HWE) was evaluated using * square test. The genotypes in all loci deviated from HWE.

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