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An Association between the T/C and A/C single Nucleotide polymorphisms of PPARGC1A gene and milk production and composition in iran Holstein cattle

Many studies have reported quantitative trait loci on chromosome 6 that affect milk production traits in dairy cattle. PPARGC1A gene was identified as functional
candidate gene for a described QTL for milk fat yield because of its key role in energy, fat, and glucose metabolism. In this study, DNA was extracted from blood samples collected from 398 Holstein cows of Tehran and Esfahan provinces. DNA extraction was performed using the Salting out method. The PCR-RFLP method was used for genotyping of T/C at position 1892 and A/C at position 3359 in PPARGC1A gene. Frequencies of TT, TC and CC genotypes at position 1892 were calculated as 12, 65 and 23%, respectively. Also, frequencies of AA, AC and CC genotypes at position 3359 were calculated as 38, 52 and 10%, respectively. Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium (HWE) was evaluated using chi square test. The genotypes in both loci deviated from HWE. In this study c.1892T>C genotypes indicated significant associations with FATP2X, BVM, BVFP, PRO305 and PROME traits. It was shown significant associations between c.3359A>C genotypes and FATP2X, BVFP traits. Thus, these would provide an excellent opportunity for marker assisted selection programs in dairy cattle.

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