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Immunohistochemical Study on the IGF-I and Insulin Receptors Density in Granulosa and Theca Cells

Here, we studied and compared the density of these receptors in ovary cells of fertile and non-fertile cattle via immunohistochemical technique. In this study, 30 ovaries of dairy cattle (20 ovaries from non-fertile, 10 ovaries from fertile) were collected from several slaughterhouses aging 2-7 years old. The ovaries have been fixed with formalin, then the samples were stained in immunohistochemical and H&E method. Based on the intensity and expanse of staining method, the results have been expounded in the Allred 8-units scored system. The results revealed considerable statistical differences both in intensity and expanse of staining in density of receptors in ovary tissues of fertile and non-fertile dairy cattle (p < 0.0001). Staining expanse was notably higher in theca cells than granulosa cells. Finally, we can conclude that the presence of the receptors of Insulin and IGF-I hormones in ovarian cells demonstrates the effect of metabolic conditions of cattles on ovary activities; so the density of these hormone receptors in ovarian tissue and around oocyt could be consider as one of fertile or non-fertile indices.

Keywords: Dairy cattle, Insulin, IGF-I, Insulin and IGF-I receptors, Immunohistochemistry

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