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Lactoferrin Gene Polymorphism of Holstein Cows in Isfahan Province

A total of 404 Holstein cows from five dairy herds in Isfahan province were used to obtained polymorphism of bovine lactoferrin (LTF)gene for a possible genetic marker information. Two alleles A and B were found in the examined population. The frequency of A-allele ranged from 0.775 to 0.831, while frequency of B-allele 0.169 to 0.225. The alleles controlled the occurrence of two genotypes AA and AB,with frequency of 0.606 and 0.394 respectively.Statistical analysis showed that there was no Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium between the observed and expected distribution of LTF genotypes.It was found that polymorphism existed in intron 6 region of bovine LTF gene, which suggested that this polymorphism could be associated with somatic cell count (susceptibility/resistance mastitis).


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